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Healthcare & Senior Living Operations Management

Our Partners

Rees Associates, Inc.

Rees Associates, Inc. is an Architecture, Planning and Interior Design. The Sun never sets on the REES portfolio. Our diversified practice spans over 33 years, with completed projects in 42 states and 35 countries. Throughout our history, our staff of professionals has successfully completed more than 7,350 assignments totaling over $21,000,000,000 in construction value. We serve our national and international clients through locations in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Mexico City, Oklahoma City, San Francisco, San Antonio, and Spokane.



Rees Star Continuing Care Group

REES Star Continuing Care Group (RSCCG) integrates the experience and knowledge of Rees Associates in the area of architect design, planning, interior design, investment, construction, and operation management, etc. RSCCG is equipped with expertise in different areas. RSCCG’s design is based on US Brand Name Standards, constructed in China and other Asia countries and operated in US Standards.



Renaissance Senior Communities, Inc

Renaissance Senior Communities, Inc. with corporate headquarters in Prospect (Louisville), Kentucky led by Ralph Bellande, CEO/President is comprised of a highly experienced group of professionals specializing in design, planning, development, marketing, management, financial and accounting services for sponsors/owners of senior living communities.



The Lane Group

The Lane Group team has a multi-dimensional approach to all aspects of healthcare delivery and administration that impact long-term sustainable growth and profitability. For over 20 years, they hve designed and engineered powerful successes with hundreds of for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare clients. The Lane Group has consistently assembled and managed internal and external teams that have achieved significant improvements in each organization’s bottom line. Underlying thier success, is the ability to build collaborative, respectful relationships with key personnel, expertly analyze relevant processes and data, design innovative, yet practical client-specific solutions, and coordinate and implement corrective actions.



"Our professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality services and to bringing objective, and innovative solutions to each client’s unique needs."