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Healthcare & Senior Living Operations Management

Our Services

AUHC assists senior living organizations with innovative solutions to their unique needs with regards to: Community Management, Community Development Planning, and New Community Development; as well as Positioning, Marketing, and Operations Improvement; Strategic Planning; and Organizational Development, Advancement and Gerontology Training and Education.

AUHC has joined with Renaissance Senior Communities (RSC), and it's CEO Ralph Bellande, to create additional depth and breadth of experience through a Strategic Partnership. This Strategic Partnership brings RSC's and Ralph's many decades of Senior Care leadership and management to our clients as needed. In addition, Renaissance Senior Communities can benefit From AUHC's experience as well.

Senior Living Community Management

American University Health Care manages senior living communities through provision of community executive leadership and the management and coordination of an array of services, processes, and practices designed to ensure a community’s excellence, and operational and financial success. That activity involves the management and coordination of Resident Services and Facility Operations, Human Resources Administration, Marketing and Sales, Resources Management and Control, and Administrative and Financial Services. That management includes:

  • Professional executive leadership of the community
  • Regional operations officer assistance and oversight
  • Market Positioning, and Strategic Plan Development and Execution
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Operations and Financial Performance Management, and achievement of performance targets
  • Accounting and Financial Management and Reporting
  • Positive Resident and Staff Relations
  • Resident and Staff Satisfaction, as reflected in annual surveys
  • Resident Life Enrichment Opportunities
  • Resident Centered Community Philosophy
  • Quality and Wellness-focused Culture
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Standards and Processes
  • Sound Human Resources Management
  • Excellence in Dining and Hospitality Services
  • Quality Maintenance, Housekeeping, Grounds Care, and Security Services
  • Positive Community Relations; and linkages with key community groups
  • Regulatory Agency Relations and Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Risk Management

Senior Living Community Development Planning

American University Health Care assists organizations in the evaluation and planning of new senior living communities through a collaborative process involving engagement of organizational leadership and stakeholders. That process can be either comprehensive or limited in nature; addressing all or several of the following elements:

  • Mission and Purpose Statements Development
  • Pre-development Focus Group Leadership
  • Community Positioning Statement and Strategies Development
  • Market Needs and Organizational Assessments
  • Conceptual Project Product Mix delineation, including Common Areas and Amenities
  • Alternative Organizational and Financial Structure(s) Identification and Evaluation
  • Governmental and Regulatory Requirements Assessment and Planning
  • Conceptual Older Adult Residence Project Description
  • Market Feasibility Study Coordination
  • Pro forma development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Facilitation of Project Go/no Go Decision Process
  • Financing Arrangement Assistance
  • Governmental/Regulatory Approval Assistance
  • Preparation of Project Development Schedule for Go Project

Senior Living Community Development

American University Health Care assists organizations with the development, marketing and opening of new senior living communities through a collaborative process involving coordination and or accomplishment of one or more of the following activities:

  • Project Development Schedule Preparation
  • Pre Marketing Plan Preparation
  • Pre Marketing Execution and Coordination
  • Pre-opening Tasks/Activities Schedule Preparation
  • Pre-opening Tasks Coordination and/or Accomplishment
  • Operating Budget Development
  • Capital Budget Development
  • Equipment Selection and Purchasing
  • Human Resource Planning Assistance and Coordination
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Policies and Procedure, and Resident and Employee Manuals Development
  • Information System Selection and Purchase
  • Opening Planning and Activity Schedule Preparation
  • Opening Coordination

Positioning, Marketing, and Operations Improvement; Strategic Planning

American University Health Care assists organization through an array of processes designed to improve market positioning, marketing, operations, and strategic planning, through:

  • Review and assessment of present situations
  • Identification of weaknesses and strengths, opportunities and threats
  • Identification and development of plans to achieve actualization of unrealized potential with regard to products and services, people and relationships, addressing and fulfilling of individual’s need and desires; systems, processes, and practices; and achievement of objectives.

Organizational Development and Advancement

American University Health Care tailors and provides services designed to strengthen and improve organization’s leadership, planning, governance, decision-making, and strategy development and execution. These include:

  • Strategic thinking for senior living organizations
  • Analysis of organizational structure
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Group Process Facilitation
  • Planning and facilitation of Governing Board retreats
  • Creation of network and system linkages


"Our professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality services and to bringing objective, and innovative solutions to each client’s unique needs."